What is GLGE?

GLGE is a javascript library intended to ease the use of WebGL; which is basically a native browser javascript API giving direct access to openGL ES2, allowing for the use of hardware accelerated 2D/3D applications without having to download any plugins.

The aim of GLGE is to mask the involved nature of WebGL from the web developer, who can then spend his/her time creating richer content for the web.

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Lines and points in GLGE

October 6th, 2010

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently but rest assured work goes on 🙂 So this is probably one of the most requested features and it’s been a long time coming rendering points and lines in GLGE. You can now specify an object to render as lines in GLGE simply by setting the render type on the object:
with points you can specify the size with:

View source in the demo below for more verbose instruction on how it work.

Live Demo