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Extends GLGE.PhysicsAbstract.
A wrapping class for jiglib spheres
Defined in: glge_physicssphere.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Method Summary
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Gets the radius of the sphere
Sets the radius of the sphere
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.PhysicsAbstract:
addBodyForce, addBodyTorque, addWorldForce, addWorldTorque, clearForces, getAngularVelocity, getAngularVelocityX, getAngularVelocityY, getAngularVelocityZ, getFriction, getLinearVelocityDamping, getMass, getModelMatrix, getMovable, getRestitution, getRotationalVelocityDamping, getType, getVelocity, getVelocityX, getVelocityY, getVelocityZ, preProcess, setAngularVelocity, setAngularVelocityX, setAngularVelocityY, setAngularVelocityZ, setFriction, setLinearVelocityDamping, setMass, setMovable, setRestitution, setRotationalVelocityDamping, setType, setVelocity, setVelocityX, setVelocityY, setVelocityZ
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.Group:
addChild, addParticleSystem, downloadComplete, getBoundingVolume, getChildren, getLights, getNames, getObjects, getPickable, getVisible, isComplete, removeChild, setAction, setPickable, setVisible, updateAllPrograms
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.Animatable:
animate, blendTo, getAnimation, getBlendFunction, getFrameNumber, getFrameRate, getLoop, getName, getPaused, isLooping, setAnimation, setBlendFunction, setFrameRate, setLoop, setName, setPaused, setStartFrame, togglePaused
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.Events:
addEventListener, fireEvent, removeEventListener
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.Placeable:
clearStaticMatrix, getDLocX, getDLocY, getDLocZ, getDRotX, getDRotY, getDRotZ, getDScaleX, getDScaleY, getDScaleZ, getId, getInverseModelMatrix, getLocalMatrix, getLocX, getLocY, getLocZ, getLookat, getPosition, getQuatW, getQuatX, getQuatY, getQuatZ, getRef, getRoot, getRotation, getRotMatrix, getRotOrder, getRotX, getRotY, getRotZ, getScale, getScaleMatrix, getScaleX, getScaleY, getScaleZ, getTranslateMatrix, getTransposeInverseModelMatrix, getTransposeModelMatrix, getUpAxis, Lookat, move, setDLoc, setDLocX, setDLocY, setDLocZ, setDRot, setDRotX, setDRotY, setDRotZ, setDScale, setDScaleX, setDScaleY, setDScaleZ, setId, setLoc, setLocX, setLocY, setLocZ, setLookat, setQuat, setQuatW, setQuatX, setQuatY, setQuatZ, setRot, setRotMatrix, setRotOrder, setRotX, setRotY, setRotZ, setScale, setScaleX, setScaleY, setScaleZ, setStaticMatrix, setTransformMode, setUpAxis
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.QuickNotation:
Methods borrowed from class GLGE.JSONLoader:
getDownloadPriority, setDownloadPriority, setJSONSrc, setJSONString
Events borrowed from class GLGE.Group:
childAdded, childRemoved, downloadComplete
Events borrowed from class GLGE.Animatable:
Events borrowed from class GLGE.Placeable:
appened, childMatrixUpdate, matrixUpdate, removed
Class Detail
Method Detail
{number} getRadius(value)
Gets the radius of the sphere
{number} The radius to set

Sets the radius of the sphere
{number} value
The radius to set

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