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GLGE Demo Scene

This week I’ve taken a bit of a break on the coding. I instead decided to spend a few days coming up with a more impressive demo. Please bare in mind I’m no pro CG artist, just a now and then amateur, so  imagine what could be achieved by the pros in a very short space of time. It’s not showing off 100% of the current feature set, some of which I think still needs rewriting and finishing off. But, hopefully it’ll be enough to change the mind of at least some of the WebGL naysayers, encourage more rapid development and make 2010 the year of 3D on the web.

Annoyingly it isn’t working on firefox (at least not my GFX card) there seems to be a bug where you can only map 4 textures to a shader 🙁 Hopefully, they’ll get that fixed soon. In the mean time I’ve tested it on chrome and it runs at an okay frame rate, although I do think it’s time to get some optimization in there.

UPDATE: Great news, looks like it’s working in firefox now.

UPDATE  2:It seems to depend on your graphics card so doesn’t work for all in firefox ATM. If it’s not working for you could you post GFX card and browser and I’ll attempt to track down the issues ASAP.

UPDATE 3: I think it may be fixed on the mac, but without one to test it on it’s hard to tell. crossing fingers and toes!

Play the demo live

The Video:(Still trying to figure out how to capture well in linux)

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