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WebGL Demo: Sky and New Fog options in GLGE

Having the need to create a more elegant blend to the sky recently I was finding the current fog system lacking in that no matter what set up I was attempting there was always a seam between the land and sky.

As a consequence GLGE now has a sky shader system. Which allows for procedural skies or ordinary sky boxes; in addition, there are two new fog options FOG_SKYLINEAR and FOG_SKYQUADRATIC. These two new fog options allow you to fade the far distance into the sky as apposed to a solid colour. This results in a more seamless transition from land to sky. There is still an issue when using it in combination with post processing effects but for general purpose use it’s very easy to set up and use. This is an early first attempt I have a few ideas for improvments that will hopefully come through at some point.

Live Demo


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